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Every Week Different Stories On All Things Mental Health

A podcast discussing anxiety, depression, ptsd and everything in between. Tre Treviño and Heath Garcia speak about what no one wants to speak about. Suicide, depression, anxiety…etc. Most people face these dilemmas everyday and they are hear to put it upfront. Tune in with Tre and Heath and find out why were are numb to most of these feelings now….and ask, why is it like that?

“Real…Raw…and Uncut!.”

Forget the political correctives, we aint here for that.  Hell, we’re talking about Mental Health, Real…Raw…and Uncut!  Do we have an answer, probably not, but we are the same and suffer the same.  Give us a listen and if we suck just tell us, we’ve had worse.

Broadcasting From The Navy's Best Kept Secret... Oak Harbor, WA

We record and live stream from WIILT Studios at North End Fitness in beautiful Oak Harbor, WA.  If you would like to become a guest on our show be sure to shoot us an email or message us on FB.

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