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And Now We Begin 2020

Heath Garcia January 3, 2020 30

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I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about 2019 and how things could have been a little different. How I could be a better husband. A better father and son in my own right. I’ve thought about my friendships, the four of them (yes I count them on one hand), and why anyone would actually want to be my friend for that matter. This is what I have came up with from the previous year.

2019 presented challenges unique of any other year. As do us all, these challenges are created and lived through my actions or lack there of, and if I could sum it all up into one word it would be bittersweet. The challenges faced in my past year looking at them now where not challenges at all but consequences of actions from my past year before that. Everything is a ripple in time, and like my brother Jacob says,” you come to a crossroad that’s called a choice, and there is only two ways to go. The direction you choose determines the consequence.”

The directions you choose throughout your life in a greater context now, are all weaved together by these choices. These choices are your path as you make it. My path though hard has lead me to the unique individual I am now, and it will continue to mold me till the day I can’t make a choice anymore and now the paradox shifts to having to answer to my maker for them.

So my New Years resolution as we like to refer to it as, is in fact to not have one, because the choices I made from my past year have led me to the point I am now, and 2020 will test me yet again with a unique set of learning principals and choices that will shape my life path for 2021, and so on and so forth. My challenge to you is to put thought into each decision you make as if there are only two to choose from and accept what it brings you. In the event of misfortune is when learning and endurance are at their highest, shaping you to what you need to be.

Good luck in your endeavors and remember that your in control of your own vehicle of your journey. No one can shape this for you but you, and it is your willingness to strive to be what you want to be this year that defines the outcome. I look forward to many shared adventures and if you feel groggy enough to leave a word or two about your journey as a comment then I would love to read it from your minds eye. Till then my friends, enjoy the view of life.

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