Weekly Sanity Check

005 – Enduring the Storm

Tre Treviño October 2, 2019 30

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Today we are discussing “endurance”, endurance through the rough patches in life, the low times, when there is no light at the end of tunnel, the long haul. Today i posted an image on our social media of a person climbing the side of a steep mountain, it’s not easy mental health is not a downhill battle…. Everything is not always good; it isn’t always gravy. It’s going to be hard; you’re going to have to endure and break free from those hard times. We are only human and can bear so much, but with that said there is always someone no matter what, that is willing to help, whether it’s your family, close friends or even us. Today I’d like to share some stuff I’m going through myself in relation to the topic of endurance.
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“Luminous Rain” by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)
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Weekly Sanity Check

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