Weekly Sanity Check

003 – Transparency with your Mental Health (Live Stream)

Tre Treviño September 18, 2019 20

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This week we discuss the pro’s and con’s with the Transparency of Mental Health.  Should we be so open?  If so, what constraints should we place on being so open?  During this live stream Tre and Heath take questions via Facebook live comments on the matter.  They share their personnel experiences on when they finally let the world know that they were dealing with PTSD, anxiety and depression.  Topics that came up were the benefits of being open with your partner on whats going on mentally in your head as well as can you trust others with something so personal.  The effort and stress it takes to bottle emotion in order to protect ones self verses letting it all out to feel freedom and hope.  We live stream every Tuesday 8-30 p.m. PST via Facebook live.  Please give us a follow, review and rating, thanks.
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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline   1-800-273-8255
Free online Mental Health Counseling  https://cimhs.com/

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Weekly Sanity Check

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